Bangsaray Villa Resort Garden

Value In Bangsaray

Looking for Value In Bangsaray Beach 

Looking for that villa to rent?

In that great location, near the beach

Nice and peaceful with a large pool.

Cheaper than a hotel room if 4 people staying.

Bangsaray garden villa swimming pool


Bangsaray Villa only 10mins to the beach

Set in a tropical garden with large swimming pool 15m x 8M

In a non built up area

For a 1 week stay Bangsaray promotional deal 12,000 baht only 1,700 Baht a day

Compare to similar properties on Booking .com

Bangsaray Thai Lanna
Bangsaray Siam court
Bangsaray hotel
Bangsaray eddoes amata

Why Choose Bangsaray? For Value Thailand is a great destination and Bangsaray is located to take advantage of the many delights it has to offer.

Flights To Thailand from the UK start at around £450. The currency Rate is 40 Baht to the £. ( Check current rate)

A meal for 2 will cost approx 1000 Baht  £25 

Beer small bottle 330ml  60 Baht £1.50

Supermarket  beer 320ml 35baht / 88p

Local Thai food Fried rice Chicken/Pork/Seafood  50/100 Baht  £1.25/ £2.50

Imported food and beer tends to be expensive so avoid if you are running a tight budget. Best Value is to stick to local produce, subsequently a trip to the market will keep you on track. Local attraction are cheap and some are even free. There is a double pricing system that tends to charge the tourist double what a Thai would pay. However this is still Half what you would pay in your own Country.

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