Bangsaray Villa Pool Gallery

Bangsaray villa pool Gallery enjoy the Garden at Bangsaray villa resort.

Pool villa has a large pool 8 meters wide & 15 meters long therefore giving you and your family plenty of space for fun and exercise. The water is always warm, heated by the sun mostly 12 hours a day.

The Pool is 1.2 meters deep in the shallow end in addition steps lead into the pool. Each step is 30 cm allowing for a gental entry or just to sit and relax .The deep end is 1.8 meters.

Above all any non swimmers should be accompanied by an adult. Please enjoy the area but remember the danger.

There are three villas to choose in the Bangsaray pool villa Gallery .

 Pool Villa, pool side villa or Garden Villa. Because the pool is central in the garden therefore each villa has easy access. Pool villa has direct access, Pool side Villa is only 5meters away from the pool. Garden villa in its own private garden area is 15 meters to the pool.

The Garden has many fruit and flowering tress, palms and shrubs in other words a tropical paradise with many colours and smells to be enjoyed.

The banana Palms are very large for instance  extending over 20m in height. Mango trees give of a fragrant smell and fruit is taken once a year. Mangos are a very fleshy juicy fruit very similar to a peach.