Beach In Bangsaray Village old Town

Bangsaray Old Town

Bangsaray Old Town in Bangsaray Village  located on the left-hand side of the beach also the home of the Bangsaray Beach Club. Approach the fishing Pier then there is a left turn, this will take you along the main Old Town Road. The area has a few shops then it extends into some coffee shops and small B&Bs.

Because there is no beach  the buildings are on stilts in the sea. Go further you will see some restaurants and two Bars that sit  in the sea. Near the very end you can enter the Bangsaray Beach Club. The club is on the  Beach so a great place to relax and unwind. One of the best places to watch a sunset.Why not pay a visit and enjoy a nice cold beer or cocktail.

Bangsaray Beach Club

The Bangsaray Beach Clubs history has existed under various names since 1966,  it was built as part of a rest and recuperation facility for officers in the US military. The club and its surroundings are steeped in history. Many famous or eminent people have passed through its doors. 

With a recent upgrade,  they have been careful to preserve as much as possible of the original features and “flavour”. You can see evidence of this in the contemporary pictures on the walls, in the fishing memorabilia and in the building itself. Well worth a visit.

As you enter Bangsaray village from the Sukumvit Road you will be greated by the Rouderbout image. The Market will be 600 Meters on the left. So follow the road straight to the Beach and you will see the fishing Pier in front of you.

The Beach Image. This is what you will see when you are in the central position on the main Bangsaray Beach. So to the right is Pattaya and to the left is Sattahip. If you are facing the beach.

The Pier image is located at Kept . This Hotel is located in Bangsaray Old Town area of Bangsaray village. So this is on the left side of the beach facing the main Fishing Pier.