The Best Time To Visit Thailand

Bangsaray Beach

The Best time to visit Thailand many people ask this question. Follow the information  below to choose your preferred conditions. Thailand has four  types of season, hot, hot and sticky, hot and wet, not so hot. 

Nov- Jan  not so hot this is popular as the time of year is Christmas. So Its holiday season, for many European countries its winter. So bleak weather. Thailand offers a welcome break, the down side is the resorts are busy and  its more expensive to travel.

,Feb-March, the hot time this is also a pleasant time in Thailand. There are still many people staying but many are now thinking about heading back to their own counties. 

April-June, now it gets hot and sticky. This is the time the aircon can take a bashing.  Tourists have now left and its time for the hardened traveler to enjoy Thailand. This is  a good time to look for discount deals with cheaper fares and accommodation. There should be some bargains to be had.

July-Oct time for  hot and wet. Its time to get  your plastic raincoat 99 baht form 7 Eleven. The rain can start Early April but recent times, may be climate warming they are starting later.  more heavy rain has fallen In September -October. A lot of provinces experience flooding so be care full on the roads, as the water covers many of the holes on the poorer roads.

Bangsaray seems to be in a good location protected by some bad weather. Bangsaray and its location on the coast it enjoys a cool breeze in the hotter months. The heavier rains seem to effect Pattaya more than the Bangsaray area.