Whats Going On In Bangsaray

Whats going on in Bangsaray

 Whats going on in Bangsaray. 

We are happy you have shown an interest in this beautiful area of Thailand. The area has a lot to offer because of its location near to Bangkok and its network of roads. So a good place to call home. Only 90 mins to the main international Airport and 30 mins to the local Airport of U-Tapao. With the new road now open and access the main 7 motorway you do not have to travel through Pattaya.


The main attraction has to be the beach because it is relatively unspoilt.

 There is also another beach within the Navy Base which  is Sia Kaew.

Know as white sand beach. 


Places of Interest In Bangsaray

Whats Going on In Bangsaray

The Legend Siam

 Noong Nooch Gardens


Cartoon Network Water park

Silverlake Vineyard

Citto de Como

Viharnra Sien Chineese Mueseum

Buddha Mountain

Wat Yansangwararam

Ramayana Water Park

Monkey Island

Tiger Park