What’s New In Bangsaray

Bangsaray Beach
Great sunsets

As of Jan 2023, Bangsaray is undergoing significant road work activity. Most of the roads are now complete, with only the flyover sections still unfinished. Authorities anticipate finishing these sections by the end of 2023. Once finished, the entire road network will reduce travel time to Pattaya and Utapao Airport to only 20 minutes. These road upgrades represent a significant milestone in the area’s development, and they will make it more attractive to both Thai residents and tourists.

There is a new craft beer bar& restaurant. Boardz Bang Saray located In the soil just by the Italian La taverna. The bar sells craft beers and also has a good selection of cold cuts and cheeses. well worth a visit.

In the Silverlake area near Moom Aroi and Castillo de Bellagio, some new buildings resembling hotels have been built. It’s unclear what their purpose is, but we may find out by the end of 2023.

The most significant addition to Bangsaray is a new hotel being constructed on the seafront next to The Bangsaray Beach Restaurant. The signage now reads “Silom Beach,” and construction should finish by the end of 2023. This development is a major milestone for the area, and we’re excited about its opening.

We have no updates regarding the marina project planned for Bangsaray since its last discussion in May 2022. We’ll keep you informed of any new developments.

Tourism in the area has been on the rise, and we hope this trend continues. It’s great news for local businesses and will enhance the overall appeal of the area.